Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vetport, Tater, Butch and some Pizza.

Tater Pants checkin out the SIty-achuun
Well –
Here we are at the vetport at jfk. Kevin, our shipper, picked Tate and myself up at around 1215 – at around 1130 – Sinead tried to sabatoge me by throwing my phone in my dogs water bowl – as she yelled, “SUCKAAAAAAAAA” and ran off.
So that is why, I am blogging via Word then via Blogger, as I stare at my poor phone, barely 2 weeks old, laying in a bed of uncooked MinuteRice.

ok, so maybe it was an accident....I guess I will just have to deal with 12 extra hours of no phone time added onto my next 30 days sans the blackberry.

The ride to airport was uneventful - except for the fact that ole Volvo lorry had a testy tranmission and I was semi-nervous as we failed to accelerate on the GW Bridge. . . but I have to hand it to Kevin - that badass lorry has over 1,000,000 miles on it. I didn't believe him at first, but she is 10 years old, original engine, original transmission (until next week, my guess;) ) and averages 100,000+ miles per year.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed - especially after we made it safe and sound to the vetport at JFK three hours later. (Tate would be one of the last horses I would want to break down in NYC traffic with...)

Once at the Vetport, I unloaded tater who was a little stressed out - but he quickly settled into his stall. He gets the barn ALLLL to himself - which at first worried me , and I was chewing my fingernails imagining the cement walls + a pissed off lonely french princess...but he seemed to enjoy the quiet and even ate some dinner. Once I felt a little less overprotective, I took off his halter and shipping at a time...and quickly replaced with some standing bandages...I thought about putting on some bellboots too..but I saw Butch - who runs the vetport - sitting there, judging me and my many trunks and hay steamer, muttering about the old days and something about Hay, Water and Oats....I opted no bell boots... threw him some steamed hay, and then we sat in peace.
aaahhhhHhhHHhh! nothing like the smell of tarmac!

Paul at Mersant arrived about an hour later, such a great guy - big ups to Paul - who hung out with myself and tater for a bit. Once we deemed Tate happy, he brought me to a local hotel and got me a room for a couple hours...I was expecting the woman at the front desk to give me a strange look when a man was getting me a room just for a couple hours...but I guess anything goes at JFK.

So now I am happily sitting in air conditioning waiting for my last American glutonous meal...(how long until that Tough Mudder I signed up for again??)
ANd then I will probably head back over to keep Tater company until we leave at 1100pm.

Our flight leaves from Newark at 0300.

I am really sad I forgot all the names I was supposed to drop with the pilot - apparently my dad has a lot of old navy buddies that fly for fedex, which I didnt really think much of, until Paul tells me that FedEx can be very "rule-abiding" and I need to make sure I answer yessir, nosir, etc....
Smells like military.
Thankfully my dad flew in the navy, has a nickname of Kombat, and I am dating an exMarine. I think my chances of landing on the otherside of the pond are pretty good.

I digress.

I am going to jump off here -

Butch!!! Judging me...

Cheers from JFK...onto London!

and then....Ogbourne St. Andrew!!!



  1. Almost breaking down in NYC traffic — aaaaaaaaaaagh! Filed under worst nightmare.

  2. its awesome that Butch is texting...