Monday, June 27, 2011

LIVE: from Cali

Just a quick note from the west side!

Vacation is going well, I have eaten drank slept and am sunburnt.

I return home thursday on a redeye and intend to hit the ground running!

The girls have informed me I am starting to receive RSVPs in the mail - this is so exciting! IF you haven't yet received your invitation to An Evening At the Team, be sure that you shoot me a quick email with your  mailing address so we can get one out to you.

We are also interviewing for an exciting temp Working Student Position. Check out my previous post for details, and holler if you have any questions.

And with our upcoming trip to my fav country in the world : the UK, our eventing sked has slightly been altered  - and Tater pants is officially entered to skip around an Intermediate track at Stuart next month  - our goal here is to ensure he stays confident before we head over to the challenging tracks in England.
Running along side him in the Intermediate will be Outfoxed - a new ride for Sinead, and mr pumba himself Classical King doing his first intermediate!
Sarah is also taking her steed for their second novice, and we have Belvedere running in the novice as well. I probably forgot someone - but you get the idea! Thats all for now, I will see you all Thursday ('see') as long as my plane doesn't crash....eeeek!

Peace out from the left coast!

my sunburn day 2:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rare learning opportunity of fun and awesomeness for really really ridiculously good looking people that read good

S.H.E is offering a 3 month Student Position at Fieldstone Farm in Pittstown,NJ
In the effort of not only promoting good riding but the goal of promoting good barn management and people skills including working in a team and speaking with sponsors and owners and what it takes to run an Eventing Business.
Sinead feels there a few key things in running a successful Eventing operation
- An above average staff and environment. Your horses are only as happy as the people that work around them. Having an efficient hard working and happy staff leads to hardworking and happy horses.
- People Skills.
 The sport is changing and it is as important as ever to have good communication and marketing skills. This not only keeps sponsors,owners and staff happy it encourages new people to want to be part of the team.
-Work Ethic.
 - This sport is demanding and working a long day has to be expected. Learning and accepting this as part of the game will keep you striving high and your attitude unaffected when things get tough.
-The ability to learn by watching.
  We are lucky to have the ability to compete right next to the best in the world but actually learning how to take advantage of this is a learned skill.
All of these abilities are incorporated and taught in the work days at S.H.E
This is not a typical working student position. The Student will ride their personal horse next to Sinead in the arena. The Student will learn how to watch and ask questions. Communication is highly encouraged. The student will take part in all the chores of the barn as well as watch daily schooling sessions including lessons taught and taken by Sinead. Most of these sessions will be followed by short discussions. There is also an opportunity to help ride, especially while Sinead is away.
Sinead will be back and forth to the UK for August and will have a full competition schedule including Fairhill CCI in the fall.  If you are interested in this position please contact Megan Kepferle Currently interviewing. Candidates need to be 18 years of age, or out of high school and a car is preferred.
Cost without a horse is $500 a month
Cost with horse $1000 a month.
This includes a discounted rate for full training for horse and nearby shared accommodation for student.
Utilities not included and split comes to less than 100 per month.

position available end of July through November

Look at how much fun they're having! This could be you.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alvin's Lookin for a J O B

Classic Garden is a perfectly able, willing and useful tb gelding looking for a job. 'Alvin' is the perfect horse to learn on, and is currently looking for some new students. Alvin is ready to help you get back to the show ring, and is also a great 'stepping stone' for juniors. If you are near Pittstown, and are looking for some lessons, a half lease or more- please call or email me! We have some special rates for new students and I am sure you will have some fun.
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tate is back in work!

My high quality photography : Sinead, Tater, and zeppo (offscreen) off for a lovely hack

Today marks the official countdown to Burghley. Tate's vacation is over (which I think Tate and Sinead alike were MORE than happy to start back in work together). I suppose after 4 weeks of vacation I, too would probably throw my hay around my room just for shits and giggles to watch my minions struggle to keep my stall as tidy as I require. 

He will spend some time just hacking about phasing into light flatting to slowly bring his rested body back into work, and we plan to do our first gallop four weeks from tomorrow.

In other news, I made Sarah and Olivia separate, bag, and label allll the blankets today-clearly as it has felt like 100 degrees the past week, we clearly wont be needing them.

Then I checked the weather, quickly made a rule against mutinies and voodoo dolls, and then broke the news: low was in the 40s tonight. 
(I helped unload the blankets.)

Thats all for today - sinead is headed to Mass for a clinic, and I am headed to Unionville saturday the girls are manning the fort!