Saturday, October 22, 2011

I finally got the shepherds hooks I deserve!

Well, it has been an unreasonable gap in blogs. For this, well... what can I say? Its hard to ball as hard as I do.
The competitive season has dramatically calmed down compared to hartpury, burghley, plantation oh my!!
At first, I welcomed this. In fact, I welcomed the break so much I decided to rent a barn in my 'spare time'. I have always wanted to have and develop a separate business, and I am lucky enough to have a boss like Sinead that trusts my judgment and time management as well as encourages growth and independence.
Although sleep may be deprived, there is nothing like running the show...and lord knows it is what I do best. I get my first two horses in on November 1st and Kepferle Equestrian...which may soon be dubbed MegKep Equine Enterprises will be back up and running.

I also have signed up for a tough mudder. Although, I am not nearly the runner that Lainey is, being an ex-smoker from age 14-24 (JUST SAY NOOOOOOOOOOOO) this is my first year of really being able to run, and I love it. I have a long way to go, just completing a few 5ks, but I am excited to keep at it. As far as the TM is concerned, mine is in Nov. I hope to complete as much as possible - not so much worried about the fire and water and shock therapy...more so worried about scaling walls.

Between my new horses, my fulltime job, running, and teaching my all of my up downers through to my young event riders I hope to one day scratch and claw my way out of credit card debt and into a new truck/car/ boat/plane/mansion/limo/all of the above.

Speaking of limos, sinead recently celebrated a big naturally we rented a limo.
that is a complete sidenote and has nothing to do with my that pertains to my personal life, and I like to maintain a real professional tone here.............

The real purpose of this blog is to thank baby Sarah, and all the girls that have helped me this year.
Sarah has grown very much since she came to NJ in january. She is more and more confident every day. Today, particularly, Sinead was off teaching in NY, and I had to ride a couple of horses for various clients - while we had much to do before our big open house tomorrow. I came back from riding ready to start stressing out and throwing around random jobs, and to my delight everyone was tasked and working hard - sarah's attention to detail is nearly as anal as mine now- cleaning the metal bars on the stall doors, putting matching saddle covers on saddles, folding the blankets just so, noticing when the hair changes patterns on taterball or any other pony for that matter...she is really the best working student any head groom could ask for. And I am very lucky she is my right hand dirt monkey. So here is to sarah rupert, and the other hard working reliable few and far between out there...keep on fighting the good fight - now sarah, stop reading this blog and fetch me my tea.

(picture is me and my new thank you to sinead for letting me buy the really really coooool super duty shepherds hooks!)

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