Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ricky Ross Ima Boss...Barack Obamas a boss and he don't hate a hoss

A few quick thoughts on the day:

1. TATER is back in work. Happily walking alongside his old French pal Foxypants (something tells me frenchies dont really use the word OLD or PAL) I celebrated by taking sineads checkbook to horsemans outlet and getting him new booties, a new fancy hoofpick, and some beetpulp.
ok so maybe those items lack any real fun, but some of us have others to think baloo and zeppo.

...and then theres Sarah

2. Welp, so much for spring weather. I am not really a fan of WARM days and COLD nights. Because I hate blankets. however - the other day felt exactly like Ocala. It was perfect during the day and just cool enough at night. Today...not so much. Back to heavyweights and gloves and heated seats and quarter sheets and one miserable Sinead Halpin.

3. This uproar on the Horse Slaughter must stop. #1 - youre all being quite dramatic and it is bringing down the mood of my daily facebook stalking fun. I will not say much on the matter because I don't want too many of you to defriend me or throw eggs at Tate next time you see us, and I support everyone in forming their own opinion on political matters 100%. But don't be the Christmas and Easter - only churchgoers if you know what I mean. Do your research - find out what you're talking about before all the educated people make of fun of you publicly. I took political debate, and I was good.. you have to have more than an emotional blob of tears and threats to really make a difference. (start by researching how a bill becomes a law and other policy making processes of our government....can you name all three branches of government and do you know how many members of congress there you know who your congressman or woman is or for that matter what district you reside you even you know who the Vice President is????) Research the history of this issue in our country, and figure out constructive ways to bring about change. Let me tell you - burning down the white house and publicly facebooking death threats to the Commander in Chief Prooobbbabblllyyy not the greatest places to start. (anyway someone already burned down the white house - guess what  - they built it back... and about the death threats on facebook...dont say I didn't warn you when you are sitting in the newest version of Guantanamo Bay by yourself getting waterboarded)

Don't get me wrong - I love that my horsey family is finally showing some passion about policy making - just do your homework. When you know what you are talking about - other people who know what THEY are talking about will listen and then everyone will know what they are talking about so there will be less anger and confusion and more change! Do work son!

Who knows, maybe you will even start watching CNN and getting the Washington Post and NYTimes.  (yes, I am a democrat. I live in the very republican NJ-7 I have a moderately republican rep and his name is Leonard Lance. Funny enough NJ-7 was one of the races I had to oversee in the 2008 election for the DCCC. . . We lost. )

my point being - if you are not happy with something happening in the govt - your REPRESENTATIVES are there for you. they want to keep their voters happy -
so learn their name and their phone number and stop blaming everything on my black friend Barry.

I also invite you to google this issue as there are plenty of great articles from both liberal and conservative publications on the matter. . . or if you are really feeling eager - read the actual bill that effects slaughterhouse inspections!
Here is one of many lovely flow charts:

horrayyyy for US GOVERNMENTTTT


now back to my Rick Ross pandora station.


  1. Thank you for writing this. i've been seeing the craziness on facebook and just have to shake my head in frustration. You put it beautifully!
    P.S. never stop blogging, i love reading what your writing

  2. I want to stand up and cheer for your slaughter rant! More people need to read your blog, stat. Well said!