Sunday, January 20, 2013

No Remorse!

If one followed this blog, and had no other contact with me - it seems that Hurricane Sandy swept us off the map.
This may be slightly delayed : But we are fine!
It is January. It is cold. I walked into my house on Friday night after work only to discover that my oil had run out. No Oil = no heat. Oh, and its a holiday weekend. Awesome. I also had 4 kids under the age of 21 in the house. What does this mean??? It means I fail as house mom. Speaking of Moms - I would like to take this opportunity to thank my mom for hiding a bottle of J.Lohr wine in my suitcase at Christmas. It is almost as effective as having heat.
We have 10 days until Florida, and if we were not ready to leave before I am sure we will be after this week as the blustery high will be 21F. Makes for an exciting week to run out of oil.
It also allows Tate to dorn his winter coat for one more week.
Speaking of Tate - he would from this point forward like to be addressed as Sir Horse of Honor. Go Tate! TATES WICKED HORSE OF HONOR VIDEO
Other exciting news - my British PIC Emily Dunn super spontaneously bought a plane ticket to the wonderful city of Newark, NJ and arrives Wednesday! Or is it Thursday? Hmm... I better check that. . . welcome to America, get to work we have lots of shiznanz to do.
First and foremost I am trying to get a super talented horse bought for myself! Her name is No Remorse, and she is a lanky red head and I think I love her. I know everyone really wants to own Tate so they can go to the WEGS and Rolex and Burghley and Olympics...but if you can't get in on the Frenchie and go to Four Stars, you may as well get in on a horse ready to dominate the Novice at Rocking Horse II, right?
My plans for the No Remorse Syndicate are to get people together that are new to eventing. I want to offer a low risk experience that is fun and enjoyable to draw more people into the sport. I am offering 10 shares of the horse, and I am encouraging groups of people to get together to buy individual shares. I have sold a couple - hoping to keep up the trend!
My priority will be to make sure syndicate members are having a fun and social experience, even at the smallest of events. That way if it takes me until the spring of 2045 to get to Rolex, the syndicate family won't even notice.
All joking aside, I do think this is going to have to be the approach to keep drawing new owners in. We have to make it fun all the time, foster that family and team atmosphere, and make owners feel like they are the priority even if they only own a novice level thoroughbred.
If I learned one thing in college, it is how to throw a great party. So here is to 2013, the potential of me having a horse, Tate and his accomplishments, not having oil but the pipes not bursting in my CreepHouse, and EMILY DUNN'S return to America!
Excuse the cheesey background music. I am having fun figuring out this new age technology.

See you all in Ocala!

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