Tuesday, May 31, 2011

no laughing matter here - this here is family

I know I am supposed to be funny and lighthearted - but I need to take a minute to talk about one named Lillian and the True Prospect Family.

As a rookie in this game, I knew no one. I worked day and night, my best friend was Running Order and I had verbal communication with one person per day. It was definitely something foreign for me. I have always been above average on the socializing scale, and for once I literally had no friends. Slowly I started meeting people, making acquaintances, getting more comfortable with my job. But all these people had been doing this for much longer than I, and while everyone was nice - I essentially was the new girl - unproven.

There were a few girls that I met along the way that first season - that really gave me the time of day - helped me when I was completely lost, gave me insight when I needed it, essentially and literally welcomed me into their homes. Lillian Heard was one of those girls.

Lillian always has a genuine smile on her face and a quick wit to crack smiles on others. Hardworking, more than reliable, and ultimately strong in character, she is always willing to lend a helping hand no matter how busy she is. She is one of those people that everyone likes and exemplifies the true meaning of the word good. A person that you want good things to happen to because they deserve them.

No one should have to deal with a barn fire, and it breaks my heart that Lillian has had to endure what she has this past 24 hours. Although relatively new friends, she is one of my closest in the eventing community. Part of my 'family'.

My heart is very heavy tonight as I drink my best bottle of wine, and think about the people and nature of this sport. There comes a time of maturity when you realize and prepare yourself for the hard times that come along with eventing and life, but you never prepare for a loss of this magnitude.

I have already seen the loads of support coming in for Boyd and his crew, which shows that this sport really knows how to unify in times of need. It is inspiring. So, as we all head to the barn tomorrow, I urge you be thankful for your healthy horses and try to add a little "Lillian" to your day. She really is a wonderful horsewoman, and a damn good bridesmaid ;)

for more information on how you can assist in the relief efforts for True Prospect:




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