Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tate is back in work!

My high quality photography : Sinead, Tater, and zeppo (offscreen) off for a lovely hack

Today marks the official countdown to Burghley. Tate's vacation is over (which I think Tate and Sinead alike were MORE than happy to start back in work together). I suppose after 4 weeks of vacation I, too would probably throw my hay around my room just for shits and giggles to watch my minions struggle to keep my stall as tidy as I require. 

He will spend some time just hacking about phasing into light flatting to slowly bring his rested body back into work, and we plan to do our first gallop four weeks from tomorrow.

In other news, I made Sarah and Olivia separate, bag, and label allll the blankets today-clearly as it has felt like 100 degrees the past week, we clearly wont be needing them.

Then I checked the weather, quickly made a rule against mutinies and voodoo dolls, and then broke the news: low was in the 40s tonight. 
(I helped unload the blankets.)

Thats all for today - sinead is headed to Mass for a clinic, and I am headed to Unionville saturday the girls are manning the fort!

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