Monday, June 27, 2011

LIVE: from Cali

Just a quick note from the west side!

Vacation is going well, I have eaten drank slept and am sunburnt.

I return home thursday on a redeye and intend to hit the ground running!

The girls have informed me I am starting to receive RSVPs in the mail - this is so exciting! IF you haven't yet received your invitation to An Evening At the Team, be sure that you shoot me a quick email with your  mailing address so we can get one out to you.

We are also interviewing for an exciting temp Working Student Position. Check out my previous post for details, and holler if you have any questions.

And with our upcoming trip to my fav country in the world : the UK, our eventing sked has slightly been altered  - and Tater pants is officially entered to skip around an Intermediate track at Stuart next month  - our goal here is to ensure he stays confident before we head over to the challenging tracks in England.
Running along side him in the Intermediate will be Outfoxed - a new ride for Sinead, and mr pumba himself Classical King doing his first intermediate!
Sarah is also taking her steed for their second novice, and we have Belvedere running in the novice as well. I probably forgot someone - but you get the idea! Thats all for now, I will see you all Thursday ('see') as long as my plane doesn't crash....eeeek!

Peace out from the left coast!

my sunburn day 2:

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