Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stuart Shout Outs - Winning

I loved when in the middle of the frenzy that was the spring season I said to myself,
 "don't worry, summer will be quiet."
Summer is a lot of things; hot. humid. dusty. sweaty. long. drab. miserable. stupid. dumb.
but it is NOT quiet.

But I will say amidst all the heat and my constant curses toward mother nature - this past weekend at Stuart was WINNING. King pony gets the extra special shout out for completing his first intermediate and from moving up from 25th place to 2nd by the end of the weekend!! And for keeping his head down in his dressage test 87% of the time. i love that horse. winning

Sarah also gets a charlie sheen winning because she and her horse Convict are real life eventers now - finishing up in 6th in the novice. So proud. winning

Foxypants also made a great comeback this weekend finishing in the top 10 after being sidelined for quite a few years. This horse is going to be a cool addition to SHE as he restarts his upper level career. winning

Tate gets a shout out because he didn't kick down the stabling on Saturday as all his friends galloped by him grounded in his room. winning

Tik gets a shoutout for finishing 2nd in the OP, and trying to braid, failing miserably and then bartering with fellow canadian Andrea so his horse looked as beautiful as she should. winning

Little Horse gets a shout out for going clean and being a grownup pony. winning

Sinead gets a shout out for driving home sunday evening after the longest hottest day everrrrrrrrrr. winning

Emma Ford gets a shout out because it was her birthday and i pansied out and went to sleep instead of having a dance party. winning

Niki Lendel gets a shout out for falling out of her trailer, potentially breaking her ankle, and still show jumping later that day. winning

Olivia gets a shout out for working all weekend by herself with a disfigured hand. winning

Holly Payne and Baby get a shoutout for getting back to the swing and competing in the OP! winning

The jog strip at stuart does not get a shout out.

[EDIT] Eventing Nation gets a shout out because they keep linking my blog. just winning.

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