Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spring Cleaning in July

Happy Fourth!

I am back from cali and back on the reorganizing warpath! We are still getting settled in our new farm - Fieldstone owned by Chrissy and Chuck Smith of Pottersville, NJ.
Our farm is a lovely, new barn with 13 stalls - all full!
We have slowly begun to put our vision into reality - and last night I went to Walmart...and bought the entire store.
Sunday was a day off for the horses, so as Sarah dragged all the rings and fields, and Olivia bedded all the stalls....megkep threw out half the feed room and tack room, pulled out a screwdriver and went to town.
I suppose you don't really get a relative idea without a before picture....but can i just say: Extreme Makeover: Barn Addition.

We aren't finished yet! But we see walls and floors, and there are shelves and trunks and more OH MY!
I love days of productivity. SIDE NOTE: Be sure to send in your RSVPs for the fundraiser - we will be donating part of our proceeds to the True Prospect Recovery Fund!!
Happy Cleaning!

Here are Sarah and Olivia after we made some real progress in the tack room today (HAVING FUN AS USUAL! LOOK HOW HAPPY THEY ARE! THIS COULD BE YOU!!!!)

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